In this quick tutorial you will learn how to create an event page with this functionality:

  • Multi-event order page: Perfect for Weekend festivals, conferences, races, etc.
  • Calendar or "choose a date" event page: Perfect for recurring classes, shows, etc.

Step 0 - setup your multi-day event

See this guide Creating a multi-day event

Step 1 - Edit the event page

Click on "Events" and then "Recurring".

Step 2 - Find your recurring event

From the list, find your recurring event and click "Manage".

Step 3 - Click Edit Event Page

Step 4 - Customize the sections

To implement a...

  • Multi day order page: I.e., a single order form that lists all the available tickets for each day/event, grouped by event.Remove the Calendar sectionAdd a new section: ""Multi Event Order Form"
  • Calendar: Display a calendar to the user they can browse by day, week, or monthUse the "Calendar" Section
  • Day, time dropdowns: The guest will see dropdowns, for day, time,Use the "Calendar" section

When you are finished customizing, click Save.

Step 5 - view the event page

The button next to "Edit Event Page" in Step 3 will open the public event page. You can share this link with guests.

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