Ideas on what you can do:

  • Get names and emails of all guests who attended (were checked in) to an event in the past month

1. Click on "Ticket Logs"

2. Filter the tickets based on desired parameters

There are many filters available to choose from. For example:

  • Recurring events: Choose desired recurring events from the "Classes" dropdown
  • Event date range: Select the "Dates" tab at the top, then scroll down to "Start Date"
  • Checked in guests only: From "Basic", scroll down to "Status" and select "Redeemed"

3. Review the search results, choose desired export type, and click "Export"

Once your desired parameters have been set, click the green Search Icon (far right). A preview of all the tickets will now be displayed. When you are ready to export, choose "Tickets" from the "Log or report..." dropdown, and click Export.

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