Tickets that were issued through an order are eligible to be exchanged, voided, or refunded. Learn more about Orders here.

Step 1 - Locate the ticket to be exchanged

From the "Tickets" section of your event, find the ticket you'd like to exchange.

Step 2 - Click Exchange

From the dropdown next to the Edit button, click the yellow "Exchange" button.

Step 3 - Find the ticket you'd like to exchange for

Click on the "Find..." button. This menu will help you efficiently locate the correct exchange item, saving you from searching through a long, single, flat list.

  • By Recurring Event: Choose this option if you'd like to exchange the ticket for another class.
  • By Event: If the exchanged ticket is not for a recurring event, use this method.
  • By Product: Not relevant in this case.

Step 4 - Review options

Charge difference

If the item being exchanged for costs more than the item being exchanged, you will be presented a checkbox asking if you'd like to charge for the difference. If enabled, the system will redirect you to a new order, with a pending payment pre-created for review. Process the payment and complete the order to finish the process.

Refund difference

If the new item costs less than the original item, a check box will appear asking if you'd like to refund the difference. Once the form is saved, the refund will be processed automatically and no further action is required.

Exchange all tickets in this order

Note the checkbox for "Exchange all tickets in this order". Enable this if you'd like to also transfer the other guests tickets to the new event. Note: you will only see this option if there are more than one ticket in the order.

 Step 5 - Click exchange!

Click Exchange when you are ready. This action cannot be undone. By returning the original ticket, a new slot will open for the old event.

For convenience, a button will appear in the top right of your screen when the exchange has completed, allowing you to jump quickly to the exchanged event. If you enabled the charge difference option, you will instead be redirected to the new order, to finalize.

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