Select the "New Order" button next to the appropriate event. This button will only be visible if you have added registration types.

A new window will popup, with a new order pre-populated for all registration types currently in that event.


Guest: Start typing in the email address of the guest to issue these tickets to. If the guest is already in the system, select them. If not, select the "add [email]..." button to create a new customer record.
Coupon code: If applicable, provide a coupon code for this order.
Currency: If multi-currency is enabled, select the appropriate currency to charge the customer in.
Line items: These will be pre-populated based on the registration types created in the event. Remove items and adjust quantity as necessary.

Click "Save" to create a new draft order for the guest. The tickets will not yet be issued until the order is processed on the following screen.

Process the Order

If the order total is $0, you may simply click the large green "Process Order" button in the upper right. If successful, the screen will refresh, changing the "State" to "Complete".

If the order requires payment, click the "Payments" tab to add a new payment.

Adding a payment

From the "Payments" tab, select "Add Payment" and then choose the payment method. If you want to collect a credit card payment, and have not linked a payment gateway (such as Stripe, Authorize.NET, PayPal, etc) then you will need to do that first via the "Apps" menu on the left.

In the new payment window, fill in the details and click Save. The payment will not be processed yet.

On the following screen, choose Authorize or Capture to process the payment.

Authorize: Does not charge the credit card, it simply authorizes it to make sure funds are available. Useful if you are shipping goods and want to authorize the card before packing.
Capture: Processes the payment immediately and charges the credit card. Most of the time, you will want to choose Capture.

Adding guest names to individual tickets

After the order is processed, you may add names to each ticket (if applicable), by clicking on the "Tickets" tab, and then clicking "Edit" on the ticket to add a guest name for.

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