The laser light is not turning on when I press the trigger

Quit the app by double-tapping the Home button, and swiping the Guest Manager App upwards. Re-open the app.

Nothing is happening when I scan a ticket

Make sure that you are scanning tickets from the correct menu. Open the scanner by selecting your event, and then tapping the 'crosshairs' icon at the top right. You should see a blue background, with toggle switches for "Out/In" and "Lookup/Validate". Set the scanner to In mode, and Validate mode.

The scanner takes a long time to read a barcode

Try pointing the laser approximately 4" from the barcode, and slowly move the scanner away and back towards the barcode, in a 4-10" range. If you are scanning from a phone screen, ensure the brightness is turned all the way app and the barcode is fully visible (you can see white space around the entire barcode).

I only see the camera, why?

This means the laser scanner is not properly connected. If the laser scanner is not connected, the app will default to the camera-based scanner. Try quitting and re-opening the app, and/or removing the iOS device from the sleeve, and re-inserting it.

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