How much does it cost to rent scanners for my event?

Please see our pricing page here:
You can always ask one of our support team to confirm availability and pricing via the chat window at the bottom right.

How many scanners should I rent?

This will depend on how many staff you have to check guests in, the size of your event, and the time window in which guests arrive. For example, a 1,000 person event that has guests arrive steadily over a 4 hour period will not require as many scanners as a 1,000 person event with guests that all arrive within 30 minutes. We are happy to advise on how many scanners to rent.

Should I rent handheld or tablet scanners?

The tablet scanner is nice to have if you are doing any name lookups or manual check ins, due to the larger screen. Many of our clients choose to rent a combination of handheld and tablet scanners - the handhelds are given to the primary entrance points, and a couple of tablets are used for WillCall, support issues, or forgotten tickets.

I'm ready to rent scanners, what's the next step?

Contact us to receive a formal quote. Once confirmed, your scanners are reserved.

Can you send me a quote for the rental?

Yes. Contact us at or via the chat window at the bottom right.

How do I pay for the rental?

Once you've received your invoice, there is a link in the PDF to pay directly online with a credit card. If you'd like to send a check payment, please arrange that with us directly.

Do shipping days count as a rental day?

No. However the vast majority of our clients opt for a 3 day rental in order to ensure they receive the scanners on time, have time to train staff, and allow for any shipping carrier delays. Also note, if your event falls on a weekend, you will need to do a 3 day rental.

How does shipping work?

We ship via FedEx Overnight. You will provide us your FedEx Account # to bill the shipping charges to. A return label is included in the box. Packages are shipped with insurance, mandatory.

What should I do about internet connection?

Scanners can be used fully offline, but we recommend to rent or purchase a 4G Hotspot (e.g. Verizon Jetpack) and have all of the scanners connect to that. It's generally not advised to rely on venue Wi-Fi. While venue Wi-Fi may work now, once guests arrive and connect to it, the performance can greatly decrease.

How much does it cost to purchase these scanners?

While we don't sell scanners directly, here are approximate retail costs of the units (note you will need an iOS device, plus the scanner attachment to make a functional scanner):

  • iPod Touch 6G: $200 
  • iPad Mini: $300
  • Honeywell iPod Scanner: $550
  • Honeywell iPad Scanner: $775

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