When you have multiple events running, some clients need to be able to configure scanners separately to scan for a specific event or ticket type. For example, you are running a conference with break-out sessions, and you have 4 scanners dedicated to the main registration event, and a few additional scanners dedicated to check guests in to break-out sessions.

Open the scanner settings window

Select one of your events, then tap the "cross-hairs" icon on the top right to open the scanner window. You should see a blue background if you are using a laser scanner, and the camera viewfinder otherwise. Click the "action menu" from the top right and select Settings.

Selecting events to scan for

You should now see a list of your active events. If not, ensure the Validate mode is enabled.

Selecting ticket types to scan for

For further control, select one of the events by tapping on it. You will see a list of all the ticket types configured for this event. Select the one you'd like to configure, and then adjust settings accordingly.

  • Requires Interaction: With this mode enabled, scanning a ticket will trigger a prompt on the screen to confirm the checkin.
  • Scanning Enabled: With this setting disabled, if you scan a ticket that has this ticket type, the screen will flash "SCANNING DISABLED" and will not check in the ticket. This is useful, for example, if you have separate areas for GA and VIP check in.
  • Auto Validate All: With this mode enabled, if you scan a guest barcode or badge, the system will auto check in all of the guests tickets, and flash the # of tickets successfully checked in.

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