Navigate to scheduled emails

Go to Events > Recurring > and click Manage for your recurring event. Click on the Scheduled emails tab, and then click the green Add new button.

Choose either Reminder to send the event attendees a message containing their tickets, or Thank you to send checked in guests a message.

Customize the email

You can create a new email template or select an existing one. 

Use an existing email template

Click the Use existing tab, and choose a template from the drop down.

Click Save when you are done. This email will be automatically added to all events within this recurring event.

Monitoring opens, clicks, deliveries, and bounces

Go to any event, from Events > Upcoming (or Past) and click Manage. Then click on Campaigns from the event sidebar menu.

You can also view a list of all emails from all events, from the Campaigns menu in the primary sidebar.

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