Lists are a simple, powerful way to group guests together. For example, our clients have used lists to group their guests by company name, affiliate, promoter, vendor, sponsor, etc. It is up to you how you want to segment guests. 

Using lists allow you to get checkin summaries by list, for example you may want to know how many guests "Sponsor A" brought, and how many were checked in.

There are two important concepts for lists:

Permanent Lists

Permanent lists are account wide and available for re-use for all of your events. For example, if you regularly work with a particular company, sponsor, etc, and want to track guests brought across many events, you would set them up as a Permanent List, and add that permanent list to each relevant event.

How to add: Look for the Permanent Lists icon from the left hand menu in your dashboard. Once you create a list, add it to some or all of your events.


A list is a one-off list for an event. If the particular list is only relevant for one event, you would create them as a List within the event, available for use for that event only. 

How to add: Click on Manage for one of your events, and then select the Lists option from the sidebar on the left. Click Add List and enter your lists, one per line, and click save.

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