The List Manager app can be used by you and your staff to manage their own guest list.

  • Staff get their own login
  • Staff can only see their own guest list (not the whole event list)
  • Staff can add to their guest list via copy/paste, and from phone contacts

Getting started

Set up your permanent lists

In order to log in to the List Manager App, you need to add permanent lists for yourself and other staff members.

Download the List Manager appĀ 

From the iTunes app store, download and install the app.


Use your email or phone number, and password, to log into your permanent list account.

Select an event to add guests for

From the menu on the left, tap an event. The center window will list all of your guest lists.

Add guests

Tap the menu icon on the upper right, and select either the Copy/paste or Phone contacts option to add new guests.


The events list is empty on the app

You need to make sure that your permanent list account is added to an event. View the permanent lists tutorial above for details.

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