A PDF design will need to be setup in order to send scannable tickets to your customers.

From the event page, you will see a blue banner if you haven't set up the design yet. Click "Set up" to begin.

Next you see a screen with two design options.

The custom style will let you have maximum control over the design, but you will need a graphic designer.

The standard style can be created without a designer, and looks very similar to an Apple wallet ticket.

Standard style

Red arrows have been drawn to illustrate which settings affect what.

Simply choose a banner image, pick colors, and click Update preview. The right side will refresh with a sample, along with a link to download a real sample.

Custom style

Our clients have created stunning tickets using the custom design feature. This is how it works:

  • Give the template to your designer, and instruct them to not design anything inside of the grey box. 
  • Upload the new design, and our software will automatically render in the attendee details and scannable barcode into the grey box as tickets are issued. Note: the grey box is not rendered in the final ticket.

Custom template specifications

Design around the gray box. The gray box is where dynamic info will be inserted, such as the name, barcode, event info, etc. You may delete the gray box, it is there as simply a visual guideline on where it's safe to edit.
Ensure the barcode is not obstructed and has a clean white background and margin of at least a quarter inch. Once you design the ticket, it's highly recommended to scan and test a sample ticket.

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