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  • What are credits?¬†
  • Standard vs Premium/Business plan differences
  • Per ticket service fees

About us

Can I trust this app?

While Shopify is new to us, we've been in business serving event organizers since 2011. We understand that timely and helpful support is paramount to your success. You can reach us at any time directly through the chat widget in the app, or email us at Thousands of large companies, festivals, and event producers rely on us every day to ensure their events are successful.

What makes you stand apart from others?

  • Your brand at the forefront. ¬†Nowhere do we advertise our company on customer facing features. It's your event, they're your customers, so the design and interactions that your customers have with the solution should be 100% you.
  • Rock solid, proven check in and scanning app. Check in is not an afterthought for us. We put a lot of development resources into making an easy to use, realtime, stable, and scalable app to check in or scan tickets - whether your event is 100 guests or 100,000.
  • Full suite of event management tools. Our backend features, available in the Premium or Business plans, have a plethora of features beyond just selling tickets. Import guest lists, create and email comp tickets, add guests on the fly, print name badges, collect RSVPs and issue private invitations, build an event website portal, event calendar, recurring events, and much more! If you have any questions about how our software can help your business, please get in touch.
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