While the camera on any iOS device is perfectly capable of scanning in tickets, we recommend using laser scanners for events larger than 500 or so guests.

Camera limitations

  • Decreased battery life - keeping the camera open will drain the battery 10x faster than the laser scanners
  • Scan speed - Expect it to take about a second to read a barcode, whereas a laser is instant.
  • Professionalism - Nothing shows that you are prepared more than our Honeywell laser scanners.

How fast can I get scanners?

Next day! We ship from San Diego, and can have the scanners at your door next day.

What countries do you ship to?

USA only. Unfortunately due to taxies, and the unpredictable nature of customs import, we only offer our rentals to clients located in the United States.

Learn more here: https://www.guestmanager.com/rent-ticket-scanners/
Request a quote: https://www.guestmanager.com/rent-ticket-scanners/request-quote/

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