Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Order confirmation > SMS template in your Shopify Admin. This feature uses the built-in Shopify notification system for sending text messages.
Learn more about this Shopify feature here:

Put those code at the very top of the template:

{% assign includes_tickets = false %}
{% for line in order.line_items %}
  {% if line.product.type == 'Ticket' %}
    {% assign includes_tickets = true %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

This code ensures that the link is only added to orders containing tickets.

Then put this code wherever you want the link to be:

{% if includes_tickets == true %}
Download your tickets:{{}}/{{order.order_number}}
{% endif %}

You may edit the text 'Download your tickets' to anything you'd like.

Pro Tip:
Add .pdf  to the end of the link to go straight to the ticket PDFs (and skip the landing page. Like this:

{% if includes_tickets == true %}
Download your tickets:{{}}/{{order.order_number}}.pdf
{% endif %}

Note: if you do this, then the customer won't be able to access additional features like transferring tickets, or completing registration fields.

Finished template:

Please note:

  • Sending a test notification will not work because the test does not include tickets. To do a test, create an order in the admin or via the storefront
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